Using Branded Products in Hangout

Business Development has begun its quest to get additional branded content into the rooms. We would love your feedback. What are some brands you would like to see in Hangout?


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White Water Bonding

The two Hangout teams from LA and Boston took a road trip to Jackman Maine together for some rafting and bonding. The weather was in the 40’s and the water was rough, but that did not stop us. We toughed it out. I think the snazzy wetsuits helped. By the end of the day, the team was all smiles eating s’mores and sitting around a campfire. It was deemed a very successful bonding trip!

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Mike Goslin: up close and personal

Mike Goslin has recently joined Hangout from Disney. We thought we would let you get to know him a little better.

Mike is currently the VP of Product Development at Hangout. This means he is responsible for everything having to do with with the Hangout product which includes, design, development, and operations. He also helps out with marketing, business development, PR, and whatever else comes along.

Mike spared a few minutes for an interview and this is what was discussed:

Hangout: What made you want to come to Hangout?

Mike: I was looking for something different. I had been at a very large company for a long time and thought I would try something more entrepreneurial. Hangout was an opportunity to join a small company that already had momentum in an area of entertainment that is very interesting to me – social media and games.

Hangout: How long have you been working at Hangout now?

Mike: A few months already. Where does the time go?

Hangout: What changes if any are you making to Hangout?

Mike: The team and I are totally revamping the product to reflect some new learnings in both the entertainment and social media fields. We are really excited about the new look.

Hangout: You worked at Disney before coming to Hangout, what was your position there?

Mike: I was VP of Virtual World Design and Development. I oversaw several development teams and was responsible for design and development of a portfolio of virtual words and massively multiplayer online games.

Hangout: What is different about your job at Hangout from your previous job at Disney?

Mike: The team is much smaller at Hangout, and things move quite a bit faster.

Hangout: Are there any similarities between your new job at Hangout and your old job at Disney?

Mike: The focus on building world class entertainment for a broad audience is the same at Hangout as it was at Disney. The team-oriented culture and work ethic are similar also.

Hangout: What, if anything, are you going to take from Disney to use towards your experience at Hangout?

Mike: I’m going to continue to focus on the customer and the player experience as we always did at Disney.

Hangout: How long have you worked with Joe and Daniel, who also came with you from Disney?

Mike: More than ten years. Joe was an intern at Imagineering the summer I started in 1996. Daniel joined a year later.

Hangout: What is your favorite feature on Hangout?

Mike: I like how easy it is to install and get into.

Hangout: What is unique about the audience at Hangout?

Mike: They haven’t quite found a game or experience online that suits their need to express themselves, stay connected, and play games.

Hangout: I know you are looking to incorporate more teen brands into the rooms, can you tell us more?

Mike: Our audience demands authenticity and a certain level of realism. Real brands are part of teen culture, and they make the world more authentic and realistic. It would be strange if it was all made-up stuff.

Hangout: Are you excited about some of the Boston team moving to LA?

Mike: I sure am. It will be nice to have everyone in one place so we can get busy building out the product.

Hangout: Is there anything else you want to say to our Users?

Mike: I can’t wait to share some of the things we are working on – stay tuned.

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Sorry for not posting recently…we have been busy at Hangout!

Here are some recent changes:

* Mike Goslin and his Disney team are new to Hangout but they are already making moves.

*Members of the Boston team moved out to our LA office last week. LA is quite an important place for 3D  and animation development, so it is a great opportunity for them. The LA team is really excited to have them there!  The Hangout Bostonians are excited for them too! or jealous rather — they get to work on their tan!!

Moving Out

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Hangout Welcomes Mike Goslin

Today we have the privilege of announcing the addition of Mike Goslin to the Hangout team as the Vice President Product Development. Mike joins Hangout from Disney Online where he was vice president development and built products such as ToonTown, Pirates of the Carribean Online, and Fairies. We’re thrilled to have Mike on board and looking forward to seeing him continue the acceleration of as a leading 3D social network.

Mike’s products are recognized worldwide and have received numerous awards and accolades including the 2005 WiredKids Safe Gaming Award, 2005 Webby Awards “Webby Worthy Selection”, 2004 Game Industry News Family Game of the Year, 2003 Computer Gaming World MMORPG of the Year, 2003 Webby Awards People’s Voice Award, The New York Times Top 10 Games of the Year 2003, and 2002 Outstanding Attraction from the Themed Entertainment Association.

As a Business Development executive I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am to have Mike as part of our time. Mike’s joining is both an affirmation of the momentum that has built, and an incredible addition to our development and creative team. I’m really looking forward to working with Mike and excited about the experience that we will deliver to our loyal users.

Bob Mountain
Vice President Sales and Business Development

See for the full press release.

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Terms and Conditions

The following are the official rules for all contests held by They may not apply to user-created contests.

All contestants must be at least 13 years of age or older, unless otherwise stated.

Contests do not require signup. Signup will not improve your chances of winning.

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Valentine’s Day Room Decoration Contest


You might love Valentine’s Day or you might hate it, but everyone loves winning prizes. If you can create the best Valentine’s Day themed room, we’ll give you an 8 GB iPod Touch! We’ll also be giving away all sorts of Hangout swag to the runner-up.

How to enter:
1)    Go to and sign in, or sign up. As always is completely free.

2)    Make your room as festive as possible, using posters from, add your own Facebook photos, handpick the best Youtube videos, and make the best Seeqpod playlist! Make sure you dress your avatar up as well. Also be sure to check out the cool new Valentine’s assets!


3)    Get your friends over and get some screenshots. Make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion! Don’t forget to show us screenshots of your seeqpod playlist.


4)    E-mail those screen shots to us at All screenshots are due by February 28th. By submitting screenshots to you are agreeing to the terms and condition.

5)    To get more coin, so you can make your room as festive as possible click below  and enter your e-mail address for 25,000 coin. (note: this may take up to 24 hours)


We’ll be judging the rooms on creativity, use of as many different aspects of the site (Posters from, photos from facebook, wall stickers, youtube videos, furniture, etc.), use of avatars in the room, and don’t forget to type /emotes into the text box in the bottom right of your screen to see what you can make your avatar do.

Good Luck!

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